• remember-to-pray


    Do you have a RWJM driver’s prayer in your car? If you do, take a little time and read it through. If you don’t, let us know and we can get you one. I specifically wanted to talk about […]

  • spring

    Spring Has Sprung

    Springtime! Really? As I sit here and write this there is sleet falling! The Icebreaker is in the books and we look ahead to the Sizzler. The calendar does say spring. Do you know what I like best about […]

  • loveenemy

    Love Your Enemy and Mean It

    We all have people we enjoy spending time with. We all have people we are comfortable being around. Then there are the folks that don’t sit well with us, the people that we really don’t care to be around. […]

  • different

    A Different Response

    I don’t get mad, I get even! I know some folks who live that way. Does that describe us? We want the right to get back at those who harm us. We want to see them get what we […]

  • control

    Being in Control

    Control is a moving target, just when you think you have things under control it slips away. Have you ever felt out of control? In life we strive to have a handle on things, get a grip. How does […]

  • relate

    Can We Relate

    We have hit the home stretch, a few weeks left until we finish up winter! We have one more section of Scripture to cover in these next few weeks and I think it will change the way we look […]

  • thoughts-7


    As we move along in our study we find a familiar theme, it is what is in your heart that matters. Our outward actions can say one thing, our words can say another, but it is our heart that […]

    by rwjm
  • motive-check-ahead


    What makes a person good? How do we determine who is good? We observe. We look at their actions. We listen to what they say. We look at how they influence those around them. Are we good? Greetings in […]

    by rwjm
  • words-can-hurt


    The next passage we take a look at may take us a few weeks to get our heads around. Many times in life words have several meanings. Sometimes we think we know what something means only to find out […]

    by rwjm
  • image


    I wonder if we are aware that we are increasingly looking for an advantage. Looking at the world around us we see a world who is focused on being first, to the point of rudeness. Why is it that […]

    by rwjm