• newfaithwp


    With the New Year comes new decisions. If you are like me you have a routine, things you do to start the day, things you do during the day and things you do at the end of the day. […]

  • 2019_2


    Welcome to the beginning, the beginning of a new set of numbers on the calendar that tell us the slate is wiped clean, a time to begin again. It is common to look at the calendar for guidance to […]

  • Green flag with getting things started


    Sometimes in life we get things a little out of order. We get the cart before the horse. Christmas is one of those times. Christmas morning is the beginning of the celebration, not the end. Greetings in the name […]

  • Rick Riducha

    With a Little Help from My Friends

    We have been talking about relationships, relating and building community. I wanted to share one of the truly inspiring stories of this past race season with you. RWJM has played an important role in delivering a blessing to one […]

  • Handshake


    As we enter the Holiday time of year we turn or focus to those around us, the relationships we have. For some this can be a stressful time as relationships are not what we would like them to be.  […]

  • IMG_5887


    The season is over for most of us. There are a few special events to run but for the most part our champions have been crowned. How did this season work out for you? Did you take time to […]

  • Skid marks


    Have you ever felt like a gerbil running on a never-ending wheel? Many times life is a blur, moving at a speed that is difficult to keep up with. We find ourselves being swallowed up. STOP, put on the […]

  • sharingtheload


    Life is full of challenges, stresses and strains. When we look around we can see the burdens written on the faces of those we pass by. But are we willing to help carry someone’s burden? Greetings in the name […]

  • race


    Sometimes things get heated up at the track. Sometimes we don’t respond in a way that honors God. It can be hard at times, especially in the heat of the moment, to remember that we belong to God. We […]

  • traction


    Do you have a tire specialist? I hope so. A tire specialist can give us the information to make the proper adjustments to get the traction we need to go fast, stay in the race and finish. How about […]