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    As we continue our discussion of the final words of Christ, I saved this message for this week as it refers to Mothers and their special place in our lives. None of us would be here without our mother. […]

  • Paradise


    Answered prayers hold the promise of hope. They let us know that God hears our requests and provides for our needs. Last week the first words Christ spoke from the cross involved a prayer for those who crucified him. […]

  • Forgiven


    Have you ever wanted to have the final word? Have you ever wanted to be the one who makes the decision after hearing all that others have to say? I am sure at times it would be a welcome […]

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    When I speak at church on Easter Sunday morning I begin the service by offering the children the best Easter egg they had ever seen. Each one received the plastic egg with the instructions not to open it until […]

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    In Control

    Have you ever felt out of control? In life we strive to have a handle on things, get a grip. How does God fit into the control we want to have on our lives? Who is really in control? […]

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    As we get the season started I spent some time on the road a week ago and as it happens I have a few stories to tell. I think that is one of the greatest gifts we receive as […]

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    Who Will Step Up

    There are times in life when we need to step up, step up to the challenge we face and accept greater responsibility. The time comes when it is necessary to own up to who we are and what we […]

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    Growing up one of my favorite teams was the New York Mets. I remember the Miracle Mets, 1969 version; Seaver, Koosman, Agee, Kranepool, Harrelson, Jones, Ryan, and McGraw to name a few. To a boy of nine they were […]

  • focus

    How’s Our Focus

    Have you ever noticed that you can be so focused on something that you miss the gorilla in the room? My wife tells me all the time that I can’t find things that are right under my nose. I […]

  • Heart-2

    How’s Your Heart

    We all have wondered now and again if someone’s heart was in their effort. Sometimes the passion just isn’t there. The condition of our heart is more important than we think. How’s your heart? Greetings in the name of […]